Camping Natura

The Perfection of Greece , light, blue sea, splendid sky and sun embraces us.
Thrace is a region that combines her history, with verdurous nature, rivers and lakes, deep blue sea and golden sandy beaches. The seductive natural beauty and the archaeological places testify the great history of the past, such as Ancient Abdira and Maroneia.

Xanthi is a region of Thrace with great history, landscapes of unique beauty and a Mosaic of cultures and colors inviting you for exploration and relaxation. It is a region in which all time of the year visitors will be enthusiasm from the beautiful recollections and pictures.

The coastal region of Xanthi is a sample of beauty that dominates in Thrace. Here therefore, in the southern side of Xanthi, the beach of Mandra village in Municipality of Abdira, (in the coasts of Thracian gulf), in a extent of 15.000 km, we have selected to create, between the uniqueness of virgin nature and blue sea, a very beautiful place for holidays, camping Natura, which dominate the green and the big shady trees.

Arrival & Departure Procedure

Upon arrival all guests are obliged to fill in the registration form with their data and the data of their companions, and also deliver their identity documents (identity card, passport) in order to confirm the above information. The camping spot is allocated exclusively by the reception and is defined and delimited with various markings (plants, poles, etc). It is forbidden to exceed these limits in any way (ropes, tents, umbrellas, etc).

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